Friday, April 9, 2010

Experience a Miracle in Your Life NOW

March 31, 2010 was the day I had Miracle in my life. Why? That was the day I met the person who formulated the Miracle Tea, Dr. Tam Mateo. Coincidence? I will say no. God's plan, that is. That sunny day, last day of work before the long Holy Week break, I have nothing to do, I decided to go to Divisoria just to look around and see anything I can include in my projects for Women in Business. After an hour or so, I decided to go visit my friend in Ortigas. While along Quirino I thought of my mixed colognes in the house that needs packaging so I called my friend to ask him where we used to buy perfume bottles. He ask me where my exact location is and I said I'm along Quirino, so he gave me instructions where to turn left, right, straight then when I reach SM Centerpoint, turn left etc. etc. To cut the story short after I got lost so many times, I finally found the place.

When I was at the store, a man around late 40s came in the showroom, clad in maong jeans, white tshirt asking for a one shot bottle. I said maybe he is making energy drink or wine. He looks familiar though. Someone I saw already, I just cannot remember where, but a younger version I said to myself. Sales clerks started attended to him. When he went out of the showroom for a while, I asked one of the salesladies there and she said don't you know him?
He is Dr. Tam of Salamat Dok in Channel 2, the maker of Miracle Tea that heals everything. I said, that is why he looks familiar he is on TV. So when he came back, I really tried to talk to him, told him if I can consult him regarding my diabetes. He said that is easy. Attend my health seminar on Sunday, write down his address and tel. no. While writing, he commented like, I am not suppose to be here. I just had my car tinted. I said to myself, I am not supposed to be here also, but something forced me to go here. Miracle No. 1? Yes!

That same day, I search the internet anything about him and the Miracle Tea. Testimonies after testimonies I found. People who were cured from cancer, skin disease, obesity, acid reflux, allergies, diabetes, etc.

Sunday, April 4, 2010, together with my Mom, we attended his Health Seminar in Pasig. That seminar changes my views on how to live a meaningful life toxin free!

Miracle No. 2.

Immediately after we came home, I started my doze of the Miracle Tea, lo and behold after about 6 hours, I think there is world war III in my stomach and you can't imagine what came out. About 5-6 times of toilet visits, I felt so light, my stomach relieved and have a very good, as in good night sleep in my entire life.

The next morning, I feel so good. Drink my prescribed 15 calamansi juice, in empty stomach, yes, empty stomach and follows Dr. Tam's Diet.

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